10 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Frac Sand Transportation Company


May 26, 2023

It’s a fracking shame when fly-by-night companies fail to deliver on schedule or even arrive on time. When you’re in the oil business, you simply don’t have time to waste with a company that won’t fully and satisfactorily meet your needs. 

If you’re looking for a new frac sand transportation company, there are a number of things to consider to ensure you get what you need. 

1. How Long Have They Been in Business?

Every oil boom brings a wealth of new companies looking to make a quick buck when supply is low and demand is high. If their business model is poor or the owners are just downright unethical, it can leave you in an oily situation. When looking for a frac sand delivery company, ask about their experience and time in the industry. The longer they have been serving customers, the better the chance that they will be there for you, too. 

2. Can You Reach Them When You Need Them?

If you have round-the-clock operations, do you know you can reach your frac sand delivery company any time you need them? Ask if their dispatchers are not only experienced but will be available 24/7 to respond to your calls.

3. Have They Recently Upgraded their Technology?

Trucking IT solutions have come a long way, and for good reason. They improve efficiency, enhance transparency, and allow companies to better scale to meet their customers’ needs. New systems will provide not only real-time tracking of delivery trucks, but also more accurate reporting and billing.

4. Who Owns the Company?

If you’re working with a corporation, you’re likely just a dollar symbol to them. If you have a problem and want to speak to a manager, you often end up on hold or being bounced from one person to the next. Choosing a family-owned company often means more personal service. If you have a problem, you can reach out directly to the owner and expect a fast response. Your relationship with the company should be as a team working to achieve a common goal.

5. How Big is the Company?

While family-owned and privately owned businesses treat you more like family, you also have to consider the size of their fleet. A company with only a few trucks can be a business risk as it may not be able to scale with you.

6. Can They Grow with You?

There are few things more frustrating than contracting with a frac sand transportation company early on and then learning that they can’t scale their operations to accommodate your growth. You either need to start over or deal with the headache of juggling multiple companies to accomplish your goals. Check on the size of their fleet as well as their network. Choose a company with a dedicated proppant transportation fleet and has on-site field supervisors. 

7. Do They Know Your Area?

Not all shale plays are the same, nor is all frac sand the same. Look for a company with a breadth of experience in shale plays across North America so you know you’re getting the expertise you need at your location.

8. How Experienced is Their Team?

Inexperienced drivers move slower and are more prone to accidents, neither of which you want near a well site. Ask how they handle not just driver training and safety education but oilfield-specific scenarios a driver may encounter. 

9. Are They Using the Best Equipment for the Job?

Your frac sand deliveries shouldn’t hold up your operations. For the greatest efficiency as well as a lower cost per ton, choose a company that uses bottom-dump trailers.

10. Do They Own Their Own Fleet?

While it’s great to have independent owner-operators available to scale operations, it can be more important to start with a company that owns its own fleet of trucks and trailers. This will give them better control over their equipment’s quality, which leads to better reliability and dependability.

Looking to make a change to your frac sand delivery operations? Want to ensure you have the most reliable proppant transportation company you can get? Let’s talk. We have been serving companies across numerous shale plays for more than 17 years, and we have the answers to your proppant delivery challenges.